Language services for the legal community

In our many years in business, we have helped clients find solutions for variety of complex and unusual translation problems to ensure project success. Here are just a few examples:

Case 1: Large Volume, Tight Deadline


At the final stage of a project to create a large joint venture – less than a day before signing and closing – the parties realized that they needed to translate over 400 pages of contract and reporting documentation from English and Italian into Russian. The law firm handling the project asked us if we could take on at least part of the translation. Because of the looming deadline and large volume, the law firm was looking for multiple translation providers to split up the job. The other providers refused to take responsibility for even a portion of the job, saying that the deadline was impossible.

Our Solution:

After reviewing the documents and our available resources, we told the client we could complete the job to deadline. They told us to get started, and we quickly put together a team of 30 linguists, editors and project managers. We simultaneously divided the work up among translators and created a glossary of terms and recommendations to ensure consistency in terminology and style. Work on the project continued all night: we leveraged our relationships with trusted linguists in every time zone to avoid down-time.

By the deadline – noon the next day – the client received the complete set of translated documents and signing day was saved.

Case 2: Rare Languages


One of our clients came to us needing an urgent translation of administrative and financial documents from Faroese – the official language of a small group of islands near the Danish coast. There are only about 50,000 native speakers of Faroese, and it seemed next to impossible to find a specialist capable of translating complex documentation from Faroese to Russian.

Our Solution:

This was our first encounter with Faroese, but we were not stumped. Using all of our resources and connections, in just a few hours we found the linguists we needed, tested them and got them started on the project.

The client was pleased with the quality and speed of the translation and came back several times with more Faroese translation requests.

Case 3: 24-hour Notary


Close to 7:00 pm one of our regular clients contacted us with a problem. He needed notarization for a large volume of documents – all translated from various languages to Russian. He also needed notarized copies of all the documents. And the entire job had to be completed by late that evening so he could file the documents in court early the next morning.

Our Solution:

Because of our long-standing relationships we were able to find a notary public who agreed to do the job. We reviewed all the documents to make sure they were complete and organized the notarization process as efficiently as possible.

Late that evening the notarized documents and copies were delivered to the client’s office; and he filed them with the court in the morning, avoiding the significant trouble that a late filing would have caused.

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